Canadian Premium Meats Inc. (CPM) identified the need for a federally registered and European Union (EU) approved custom slaughter and meat processing plant in Western Canada. CPM has addressed that need with a plant in Lacombe, Alberta.

CPM provides the service of livestock slaughter, meat processing & packaging as being the link between Livestock production and Meat marketing.

The facility concentrates solely on custom processing livestock for meat marketers and is NOT involved in the processing and direct marketing of their own branded meat products.

Canadian Premium Meats' main goal is to perform a reliable top quality custom service and establish a relationship built on trust with all of our clients.


Canadian Premium Meats is working hard to give our customers a broad platform to get their branded meat products into many different market segments:

Export Market Opportunities

Canadian Premium Meats is approved and certified to export meat products to a number of different countries. Currently meat is making its way on an ongoing basis to the USA, European Union, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia and China.

Ethnic market opportunities

Canadian Premium Meats is approved and certified by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) for the production of Halal produce.

Organic market opportunities

Certified by ECO Cert – Canadian Premium Meats is also a processor for Organic produce.


CPM is registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as establishment number 657. This means the facility has a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system (prerequisite programs and HACCP plans) in place that meets the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) requirements as required by section 29 of the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990.

CPM also complies with all additional export country requirements laid out in the CFIA MOP, Chapter 11.

CPM has a HACCP Staff on-site to continually monitor our food safety systems, as well as, full time CFIA inspection staff.


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